Meet The Coquettes.

The Coquettes were formed in the summer of 2011. Inspired by the Runaways film, Kae emailed all of the girls she knew who played instruments to participate in informal jam sessions during the summer. These sessions progressed and eventually dissolved, and in it’s wake, Kae and June decided to continue playing in a more formal environment. Kelly Skye joined the line-up on bass. After playing for roughly a year with percussionist Erin Toller, the band went through a lineup change that is still currently standing. Now featuring Morgan Williams on drums, the completed band is focusing on recording a demo and getting involved with local bands and venues, and hopes to one day tour.

Coquettes HQ includes all the above personnel as well as Zephyr(sound engineer/producer), our fan club (the J. Mills crew <3), and all of our friends and family members who help us by supporting our endeavors both emotionally and financially.

Find us on:






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