Upcoming Shows!

We come bearing gigs! More updates soon, including who we’ll be playing with(all of the bands are awesome) BUT in the meanwhile save these dates!

7.5 @ The Webster

7.26 @ The El ‘n’ Gee

9.20 @ Two Boots

10.19 @ The El ‘n’ Gee



Updates on Lineup and Pop This!

Happy Summer, all! We come bearing news.

The Coquettes have been undergoing some unscheduled maintenance. It is with a heavy heart we inform you that Erin has resigned after roughly a year of hittin’ it hard.

We want everyone to know that our relationship with Erin is still great. There were no drug-addled arguments that usually fuel the exit of a band member, were no harsh words, no cheating on anyone’s significant other or even stylistic differences. We all had a great time together and wish Erin nothing less than the best on her ventures. We are all very confident she’ll succeed.

It is with a renewed sense of joy that we inform you that we have filled the empty drum stool. Percussionist Morgan Williams fits the profile of hardcore female punk and has much to offer to our sound. Though she will not be playing with us this coming Friday at the Webster, expect to see her soon.

Speaking of Friday, we’d also like to go ahead and thank Sean Munzu for helping us out on drums! Sean plays in the Manchester based poly-rythmic thrash metal band Crown of Life. You can check out his music on bandcamp here. Get psyched! It’s going to be a one of a kind show at Pop This, July 5th. Tickets are ten dollars, hit us up on fb for some!

Best wishes from everyone here at the Coquettes HQ!

Kae Kelly (vocals), June Vigants (guitars), Kelly Skye (bass guitar), Morgan Williams (Percussion), Andre last name (manager), and Zephyr The Wizard (producer)

5/14 Update

The gigs we’ve played so far have all gone really well. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has come out to see us or spoken to us after the show. We’ve been having a blast.

Please look into ways you can support these venues. They’re important to the future of rock ‘n’ roll and local music, so do your best to keep them alive.

We’re trying to orchestrate more gigs for the future and are also focusing on recording our demo now…and stickers. We want stickers.


Web Presence

We’ve dressed up our wordpress page – it was looking a little… well, naked.
Our about page has been updated with a brief band biography – check it out. 
And we’ve posted a youtube video for you to enjoy. All of our pages are currently being updated to streamline our web presence.

Things are happening.

The Coquettes